Message From Medical Director


Health care service is considered the most noble profession that provides the highest satisfaction to health care seekers.


Thanks to the dedication, generosity and support of many people in and around Chitwan. In this evolving medical city, there were tremendous unmet need of medical facilities. In this instance, NPI Narayani Samudayik Hospital was initiated in 2007, as a private health care institution (Medical wing of Nepal Polytechnic Institute) by a team of highly dedicated professional doctors health care providers and valued shareholders.


There after we are continuously providing health care services to the needy people and expanding our horizon by quality and quantity, with the ultimate aim of patient satisfaction.

We providing modern health services in the path of ISO standard by applying modern technology, state of the art equipment, equipped operation theatre, upgraded lab and radiological methods from our comprehensive, excellent centre.

We strongly believe that our journey has begun to provide reasonable and affordable health services and our responsibility to the present and future generations for better health will never be compromised.


We promise you all to work harder, honesty and make quality health care available to all sorts of people who need medical help.


At the end, I would like to wish you all to entertain happily, healthy and prosperous life ahead.


Prof. Dr. Lok Bahadur Sedhain, MD

Medical Director