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Prof. Dr. Bhakta Man Shrestha, MD, Ph.D.

Senior Consultant GI and Cancer Surgeon

Department General & Cancer [Onco] Surgery
Doctor Detail


  • NEWTON HOSPITAL [Under Construction], Bharatpur-8, Chitwan, Nepal



  • Department of Public Health, Mewar University, Rajasthan, India



  • BP KOIRALA MEMORIAL CANCER HOSPITAL, NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE, Bharatpur, Chitwan, [Aug. 1, 2012 to July 31, 2015]



  • BP KOIRALA MEMORIAL CANCER HOSPITAL, Bharatpur, Chitwan, [Sept. 2007, to Feb. 2011]



  • MD with Honours [1983-1989] LVOV Medical Institute, Ukraine
  • Clinical Ordinatura [Residency] in Surgical Oncology [1989 to 1992], LVOV Medical Institute, Ukraine
  • Ph. D. in Oncology [1989-1993]m Academy of Sciences, Kiev, Ukraine


Fellowship Training in Surgical Oncology :

  • Tata memorial Hospital [March-December 1994], Mumbai, India
  • Washington Cancer Institute [GI Surgery - 2001], Washington DC, USA
  • National Cancer Institute [Surgical Oncology - 2001], Bethesda, USA
  • Modena University Hospital [Stoma Care and Colorectal Surgery - 2002], Modena Italy
  • Kyngpook National University Hospital [Gastric Cancer Surgery - 2002], Daegu, Korea
  • St. Olavs University Hospital [Colorectal Surgery-2003], Trondheim, Norway
  • Cancer Institute Hospital [Radical Gastric Surgery 2009], Tokyo, Japan


Principle Supervisor of Three Ph. D. Scholars


Professional and Research Interests :

Epidemiology, Early Detection and Surgical Management of Breast and Gastric Cancers


Professional Experience :

  • 1995-1995 : Medical Officer, Dept. of Surgery, Bhaktapur Hospital, Bhaktapur
  • 1993-1998 : Consulting Oncologist, Nepal Cancer Relief Society
  • 1995-1998 : Visiting Consutant, Birendra Police Hospital, Kathmandu
  • 1995-1997 : Consultant Surgeon, Kathmandu Medical College, Teaching Hospital, Kathmandu
  • 1997-2016 : Jr. Consultant→Consultant→Senior Consultant Surgical Oncologist, BPK Memorial Cancer Hospital 
  • 1999 : Founder Head of Dept, Dept. of Surgical Oncology, BPK Memorial Cancer Hospital


Membership :

  • Nepal Medical Association
  • Society of Surgeons of Nepal
  • Nepal Cancer Relief Society
  • SAARC Federation of Oncologists-Nepal
  • Oncological Society of Nepal
  • Indian Association of Surgical Oncology
  • Society of Medical and Paediatric Oncology of India
  • International Psycho Oncology Society [National Representative]USA
  • International Gastric Cancer Association, Japan
  • World Federation of Surgical Oncology Society [National Representative]
  • Breast Surgery International [Active Member], Copenhagen
  • International Society of Surgery [Active Member] Switzerland
  • Nepal-Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation 
  • ASCO [Associate Member] - American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • Diyalo Lions Club, Narayangarh, Chitwan, Nepal


Publications :

  • Bhakta M. Shrestha, O.V.Kidar, B.T.Bilinsky, N.A.Volodko., The Production of Tumour Necrosis Factor by Blood Monocytes and Peritoneal Macrophages Cultured Together with Autologous Tumour Cells of Oncological [Patients. Experimental Oncology, 1993; 15: 44-46.]
  • Bhakta M. Shrestha. B.T. Bilinsky., Influence of Hormonal Contraception on effector cells of Antitumour Resistant System in VIVO. 4th International Conference of Surgical Society of Ukraine, [May 23-25, 1993; p57-59]
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